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 Welcome to Russian Translation World — your local Cambridgeshire business with a global outlook!


I started this business many years ago because I passionately believe in quality translation. Over the years I have encountered far too many examples of substandard translation and it always hurts my eyes, aesthetic sense and intelligence. Even before I moved into linguistics, whenever I worked closely with highly specialised books on economics and finances in Russian translation, I had to deal with inconsistency of terminology, clumsy style and incomprehensible sentences. While reading foreign novels in English I still often wonder why so much is lost in translation. 

         My ambition as a translator is to ensure that my clients, and most importantly their target readership, benefit from top class expertise and experience through every translated text. I have spent many years moving towards this goal and I see my life as a continuous learning experience on the road to perfection. 

         I am a chartered translator and I am very proud to have been accepted as a full member by Chartered Institute of Linguists 

        I hold MA in translation with distinction from London Metropolitan University winning the prize for the best MA translation project on the course. I graduated with BA(Hons) in modern languages (French, Spanish and Italian) from Nottingham Trent University and BSc in finances and credit from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University. I am also an accountant qualified to work in Russian Federation.

         I have been a translator and interpreter for over fifteen years and prior to that I worked six years in accountancy, taxation, financial planning and analysis, journalism and management.

         I have lived, studied and worked in many countries including Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, Italy and Cuba. This has provided me with extensive knowledge of different cultures and languages which now form part of my expertise as a linguist and a translator.

         According to ISO 17100 every translation must undergo a quality assurance check by two independent editors. In order to comply with this regulation our team consists of myself as a principal translator and two editors-proofreaders. One is a professional linguist and a native English speaker with a profound knowledge of Russian language. Another is a bilingual speaker of Russian and English languages with specialisation in Sciences.  I am very proud to have such wonderful professionals working by my side. Every translation is checked by them for quality assurance before it is sent to our customers as a final product. Both of my colleagues have signed a confidentiality agreement to ensure data protection within the legislative system of the United Kingdom. 

         We also maintain a close connection with many well-qualified and experienced translators who can help us on demand if we need translation from and into other languages.

        In our company we believe that perfection not only is achievable but is the only way to approach any professional activity. We always work with this in mind. We do not operate by the mass-market model that offers machine-assisted translation from and into any imaginable combination of languages. Instead we focus on real translation which is performed by linguists who put their minds and hearts into each translated text. This enables us to guarantee top level expertise and quality for every job.

         We take responsibility for every word that we translate and treat each text as a personality that must be preserved in the process of  converting it into the target language. We do not rely on artificial intelligence. Only human brains make translational choices and justify those with reputable academic and other official sources. Technology is an excellent aid and it helps us as an auxiliary tool but it does not do the thinking for us.

        We are very proud and ambitious, meticulous and creative. We guarantee that we will give you exactly what you need and want in terms of translation!

        You can contact us any time of the day and any day of the week. We are always here for you. Our response is fast and efficient. For every document that is sent to us either for a free estimate or to be translated we guarantee full confidentiality to all our customers.

       We abide by CIOL Code of Practice and operate within the UK legislative framework.

       We are proud to be a member of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

       We look forward to helping you.


All the best wishes,

Liudmila Tomanek and our team at Russian Translation World

Liudmila Tomanek 

MCIL Chartered Linguist (Translator) 

MA Translation

BA(hons) Modern Languages

BSc Finances and Credit 


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